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What is A Panty Boy

Panty boy... you've heard those words before, and now you're wondering if you might be one! So what is a Panty boy? Maybe you were reading a Mistress blog, and she called one of her slaves or devotees a "panty boy", and you could relate to his fetish for wearing panties. Perhaps your phone sex Mistress called YOU a panty boy after you confessed to hoarding your girlfriend;s used knickers while she was away, and wearing them over your head, wrapping them around your cock, or trying to taste her juices on the panty crotch!

Like many other terms and descriptors you might come across while exploring crossdressing and feminization phone sex, ideas about what panty boys are can vary from one Mistress to another, but the basic definition of a panty boy is a man who loves panties! There are two basic types of panty boys; those who love to wear panties themselves, and those who crave the opportunity to fondle, or even worship, a beautiful woman's knickers.

Panty Wearers

A panty boy that loves wearing panties himself can appreciate the feeling of soft, brushed cotton or smooth satin clinging to his hips and crotch. He may even pose in the mirror, gently bent over, and admire the way his panties cling to his bottom and give him a round, delectable shape. Some panty boys might be sissies with a secret stash of panties that they wear each time they get aroused and prepare to phone their Mistress, while others are cross dressers who secretly delight in wearing a racy pair of their wives' or girlfriends' knickers underneath their trousers at work, or in other places where no one would expect you to be wearing them.

Some men worry that wearing panties makes them gay or a sissy, but this is definitely not the case! Of course, many of our sweet sissies and adoring gay boys love panties, but just as many straight crossdressing men do, too! Many women fantasize about coercing their strong, manly boyfriends into a pair of their prettiest, silkiest thongs or french cut bikinis!

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Panty Worshippers

Another type of panty boy is one who doesn't have any interest in wearing panties or other types of ladies clothing, but can appreciate the way they look on a woman, as well as their scent, feel, or just knowing that they've touched places on her body that you can only dream of being so close to. Maybe you've snatched a pair of panties from your roomate or laundry room, and held the crotch to your face, filling your senses with her intoxicating aroma. You may have even wrapped a delicate pair of panties around your cock, and used the silky material to bring yourself to orgasm. If you're lucky, they might be stained with her own juices, or maybe even the juices of her lover! Panties are the most feminine and erotic part of a woman's wardrobe, so it's only natural that men would crave these intimate objects.

Be Mistress's Panty Boy!

So, how should you feel when your Mistress calls you her panty boy? Delighted! In fact, don't be ashamed to call yourself a panty boy, too! The Mistresses of FemPhone love to revel in your obsession by sending you on shopping assignments or browsing online shops, such as Victoria's Secret, for things you can wear for them, encouraging you to take the plunge and wear panties outside for the very first time, or telling you about their own sexy knickers, making you wish you could be on your knees before them to worship and beg for one touch or taste of their panties. We LOVE crossdressers and panty boys, and can't wait to hear more about your panty fetishes and fantasies!

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