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Looks like we have a panty boy, dont we??? You are totally busted with your hand in the panty drawer, Im sure gonna have fun teasing you about it. Are you secretly frequenting lingerie shops and telling the clerk its for your girlfriend?? I think we both know who those pretties are for, dont we??? The feel of the fabric, the uncomfortable, yet sexy pinch of high heels and a great lipstick probably is more than you can handle. I love dressing up guys and making them My pretty playthings. Im a total Princess so Im up on all the latest trends and if I want to try out a new look, I find pretty boys are the best ones to test it out on first. Wouldnt it be fun to play dress up with Me??? I know you crave that soft femininity next to your skin.. Im the Diva of transformations & ultimate girly makeover.

For those of you who like coerced feminization, watch out! I can hunt you down with My girlfriends and well hold you down and have our way with you. Your resistance will make it all the more delicious as I break out the lip gloss and giggle while I put it on you. Maybe you could put on a fashion show for Me and practice walking in heels. Im a task mistress when it comes to making you into the best girly version of you possible. I think it would be so fun to give you that sensual dress-up you've been longing for and coach you on your cat walk in those high heels. I love bringing out your girly side and so will you.