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Tips to be more feminine when you have to appear to be manly.

by Ms. Constance of www.intelligentfemdom.com

This is a subject that often comes up with cross dressers and sissy girls: "How can I feel girlie or feminine when I have to dress manly for business?" There are many ways to bring that feminine touch into your everyday life without anyone ever knowing about it.

Panties under the pants

There is the obvious- panties under your pants. This is a great way to feel something soft and silky under your every day wear that can remind you of the feminine side you hide deep inside. You could wear something very girlie to get the full effect like satin or lace something that will rub against you during the day to give you a sexy girlie thrill every time you sit or stand or feel it caressing your ass.

Stockings feel nice under pants

You can add to the panties by putting a soft sexy silky pair of stockings over top of those panties, remember to wear your socks over those stockings so when your pants ride up you are not exposed.

Depending on your preference, you can wear full on pantyhose or thigh-high stockings. Remember, with thigh-highs, unless you have the type that say up on their own, you might need to wear a garter belt to hold them up.

The sensation when you walk while wearing stockings under your pants is amazing and they tend to caress your skin and feel so silky smooth under your pants. Be sure to feel your legs often when in pantyhose, even if they are under your pants. The sensation of those pants rubbing against your silky stockings will drive you wild and give you such a feminine feeling all day long without anyone ever knowing you are in them.

A touch of makeup

You can easily wear just a touch of makeup such as clear lip gloss. You can apply it throughout the day and have sexy shiny lips and if anyone asks you just simply say your mouth has been dry and you keep licking your lips. It is important you buy clear because many can be slightly tinted and will be noticeable as lip gloss.

A touch of blush on your cheeks will also bring the feminine feeling to your boring manly day, blush should be a light color- nothing too bold or daring- and should be applied very sparingly. if questioned. simply say you’re feeling a bit flushed and nobody will ever think twice.

A splash of perfume

This one is a favorite of mine because we rely on our senses to evoke feelings and nothing makes you feel more feminine than a soft sexy girlie scent. Use perfume very lightly. I suggest one small spritz on your panties and a tiny bit on your neck so all day long when you inhale you smell feminine which will make you feel more feminine. If anyone ever asks you about the scent you say you just ran into an old friend who had a lot of perfume on and when she hugged you some must have gotten on you.

These are some great tips to help you bring out your feminine side while still appearing to be a man in your everyday life.

For more tips on how to be more feminine in your every day life or to learn more about feminization, call 0-800-014-8421 and ask to speak with one of the Femphone Feminization Mistresses above.