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Beginner's Guide to Crossdressing: Do you find yourself attracted to women's clothing as much or more than you are attracted to the woman? Have you often thought how wonderful it would be to feel those satiny and silky fabrics against your skin? Well then, you're in luck! The Beginner's Guide to Crossdressing is just for you!
Are all Crossdressers Gay? Guys who wear women’s clothing are gay! Now, it’s not impossible or even improbable that a cross dresser could also be gay but it isn’t a foregone conclusion either and we know that! Yet, people often think exactly that about cross dressers. Here at FemPhone.co.uk, we understand that not everyone is the same. There are different needs and wants in every fetish and making an assumption about someone based on what turns them on, is just wrong. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, maybe it’s just a lifestyle choice. Read Are all Crossdressers Gay? to see where you fit.
What is a Panty Boy? Panty boy ... you've heard those words before, and now you're wondering if you might be one! So what is a Panty boy? Maybe you were reading a Mistress blog, and she called one of her slaves or devotees a "panty boy", and you could relate to his fetish for wearing panties. Perhaps your Mistress called YOU a panty boy and you're wondering exactly what she meant by that. Read more about what it means to be a panty boy.
Why I Adore Crossdressing Men My current cross dressing boyfriend is about ten years younger than me and pretty enough to be a young woman. He has longish blonde hair and amazing blue eyes, loves pink and straight leg jeans, as well as kitten hoodies. Continue reading Why I Adore Crossdressing Men.
Girls Night Out: It’s the night finally! After much planning and shopping a real honest to goodness girls night out in the city. You’ve never thought of yourself as a sissy or even a cross dresser but now that you’re all dolled up, you know this is what you were meant for all your life. Read Girls Night Out.
What's the Difference between a Sissy and a Crossdresser? Curious about the difference between a sissy and a crossdresser? Trying to decide where you fit int on the feminzation scale? Read What's the Difference between a Sissy and a Crossdresser?and then decide.
What is Feminization? So, you’re here because you want to know just what Feminization is and you need more than just a definition. Either you have experimented with things and are wondering if you fall into the category of feminization or you were looking around wondering what might excite you and stumbled upon the word. Just hearing that you will be feminized is enough to get some men excited. Are you one of them? If you are then you are wondering possibly what Feminization entails and how you can participate in it. Read What is Feminization? to learn more.
Feminine Desires; Masculine Clothes: At first, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to see, and then I realized slowly that his closet was full of beautiful clothes. Women’s clothes. My jaw dropped as I stared at all these outfits. I asked him if he wore all these. He nodded and then said again that I promised not to tell any one. Read more of the story in Masculine Desires; Feminine Clothes.
Sissy, Crossdresser, or Transgendered: Are you a crossdresser? A sissy? A transgendered person? Do you know the differences between each of these? Ms. Rachel discusses each of these terms and what they mean in her essay Crossdresser, Sissy, or Transgendered.

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What is a Crossdresser? Cross dressing is not the definition of deviant, nor is it really all that uncommon. Remember that women cross dress all the time. Ever thought of that? Do you think your wife is a sex-fiend or a lesbian if she wears jeans? Or boxers? Of course not! In fact she looks kind of sexy in your boxers doesn’t she *wink* Basically, this is just a type of fetish that some men really enjoy, though for various reasons. Read more about it in What is a Crossdresser?
Do Women Find Men in Lingerie Sexy? We hear it all the time. "I love to wear lingerie but I'm afraid to tell my wife for fear she'll think less of me." Guys are afraid of how their wives will react, but rest assured, for every woman who thinks a man wearing lingerie is strange there is another who finds it sexy. What do you think? Do Women think Men Wearing Lingerie are Sexy?
How to Tell Your Spouse You are a Crossdresser: You have been crossdressing for a long time but your spouse has no idea; at least you think she has no idea. You want to tell her but are worried what she may think. You should read How to Tell Your Spouse You are a Crossdresser.
What's the Difference between a Panty Boy and a Crossdresser? I don't get all dolled up completely in women's clothes. I don't do the hair, don't do the makeup, and I certainly have no interest in trying to actually look like a woman. However, I do enjoy wearing women's panties and lingerie in the privacy of the bedroom. Many people would consider this crossdressing and call me a cross dresser, but I do not. I consider myself a panty boy. Let me explain what I consider to be the difference between a pantyboy and a crossdresser.
How Can the Feminization Purging Cylce be Avoided? Purging isn’t specific to one feminization group; it is just as painful to each. So what is it? Purging, by definition means to remove or get rid of and is usually associated with something that makes you feel guilty. In this case, it is a vicious cycle that can cost you not only money but the pain of loss when you get rid of or destroy this part of you. Read more about purging and how to stop the vicious cycle.
Ten Things Every Crossdresser Should Own: Like any talent, crossdressing is a skill; an art that is learned and perfected over time. From the time you first applied lipstick or strapped on a pair of heels and attempted to walk, you strive to learn how to become more passable and more authentic in your appearance. Your skills are developed through practice and repetition. From the necessities to the all-important little details, here is a list of ten items that every serious crossdresser should have.
My Man Wears Panties and I Love it! One day I caught my boyfriend up to his elbows in my sexy panties. I remember the day well. I had gotten off early from work because I had some shopping to do. I bought a garter belt and stockings and a black bustier. I also picked up some edible red panties, cherry flavor, just for fun. Then I made a quick stop to pick up takeout from a nice restaurant and I was headed home. I opened the door, calling his name. As I looked into the living room area, I thought I saw him scamper out of the room-- in my red thong!! At first I thought I was just imagining it. I put my things down and went to find him. Read more of My Man Wears Panties and I Love it!
I'm a Panty Wearing CEO! Being a high powered executive has an upside, but it also has the downside. All that stress, having to be what you are expected to be. But you have a secret, a naughty sexy little secret, don’t you? You are a CEO wearing panties!
What is a Sissy? You know you are a crossdresser, but are you a sissy too? Read all about sissies in What is a Sissy? and then decide for yourself.
I'm a Crossdresser who Loves Women: You want to know my secrets, Mistress? Okay, I’ll try to tell you. I love everything about women. I even love wearing their clothes, make up and jewelry. Yes, I’m a cross dresser who loves women. Read more about it in Crossdresser who Loves Women.
Crossdresser's Guide to Masturbation: So lets assume you just adore the feel of those clothes and taking them off kills the incredible hard on you have, but you have to do something to get all the way off. Well, you are about to find out just why you sometimes see women sitting with their legs crossed and moving them just enough to cause a gentle rubbing. Read more about just how to masturbate while wearing those sexy, silky, feminine clothes, in A Crossdresser's Guide to Masturbation.
My Sissy Husband: My husband is a little sissy slut. Yes, it’s true. I’ve known this since the day I walked in on him getting his cock sucked by his best friend and business partner. At first I was so shocked, hurt and angry that all I could do was plot ways to kill him and eat chocolate ice cream. After I came out of my sugar induced coma, I began to see things I had missed. Read more about My Sissy Husband.
OMG! My Husband's Wearing My Clothes!: My husband is a cross dresser. I have been married to him for five years and I’ve known about his love for all things feminine (including me) for two years. I remember I came home and got the shock of my life! My husband was parading around in my best DKNY dress and Prada shoes! My first thought was “Is there a costume party I didn’t know about?” My next thought was “He had better not stretch or scuff my shoes!” It never crossed my mind that he would be doing that because he just wanted to wear my clothes. Boy was I in for a shock. However, after the shock wore off, I realized that he was still the man I loved. Read more about it in OMG! My Husband's Wearing My Clothes!
Sissy and Crossdresser Guide to Panties: Do you love panties but aren't sure what all the different styles and terms mean? Ms. Marlena explains the various types of panties and how to choose which ones are right for you in the Sissy and Crossdresser Guide to Panty Types.