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Sissy and Crossdresser Guide to Panties and Panty Styles

by Ms. Marlena of www.yourphonemistress.com

Panties are important.

When you think of sissies or cross dressers, panties are probably the first item of clothing you imagine. Whether you're a sissy, cross dresser, or occasional pantyboy, panties are an important part of the experience. If you've ever felt overwhelmed or confused by all of the options and styles out there, the brief overview might help you out!

There are so many types of panties.

Briefs: This style of panties is considered a classic. Briefs generally feature high waists and full hip coverage. Briefs are some of the most common types of panties, and they're available in styles ranging from conservative and covered to brazen and exposed! Ruffled satin briefs, specifically, are a very common underwear style worn by sissies who love frilly panties.

Bikini: Bikinis are similar to briefs, but with a few adjustments. Bikini panties are often worn a little lower on the hips, and they have narrower sides than briefs. When the sides are so narrow they consist of only the waistband, they are called string bikinis.

Cheekies: This style is also called cheekinis or tangas. As you may have guessed from the name, these panties show off major cheek! Cheekies provide fuller coverage in the front and waist and lower coverage in the back.

Thongs: All panty lovers know what a sexy thong looks like. Thongs have small, triangle-shaped front panels and very minimal coverage in the back. Not only are thongs incredibly sexy to wear, but they're also excellent underwear choices for wearing under tight clothing.

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Different panties are perfect for different moods.

Picking the perfect pair of panties isn't just about comfort. Of course, you want to find a pair that fits comfortably and looks good, but the right pair of panties can do far more than that. Panties have an amazing transformational ability. When you put on a pretty pair of women's underwear, you can feel like anything or anyone you want.

A slinky red, lace thong can make you feel like a bombshell sexpot ready to spend the night flirting. If you prefer feeling like a frilly girly girl, a light pink polka dotted bikini panty can make you feel girlishly cute! Your feminine outfits aren't complete until you've chosen the perfect panties. After all, a French maid uniform looks much better with a pair of black and white ruffled briefs underneath!

If you still need help shopping, take your Mistress along!

Even with the best research, panty shopping can be incredibly overwhelming for a sissy or pantyboy new to the soft, but complicated world of women's undergarments. Fortunately for you, there are many ways to shop with your Mistress. If you prefer shopping from home, a sexy texting session with your favorite feminization Mistress is an excellent way to discuss different cuts, fabrics, and styles of panties. Imagine exchanging shopping links, sharing stories, and discussing panty fantasies with a Mistress who loves playing with men in women's underwear! If you're willing to go to a physical store, you can still take your Mistress with you. When you reach the store, give your Mistress a call, and she can be your shopping companion! Shopping is always more fun with girl talk, isn't it?

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